The AJRA take responsibility in looking after their participants & sponsors. If yourself or anyone in your organisation has been misinformed about the facts of jumps racing and this has questioned your support. Please report to the AJRA on 0499 988 556 and a concierge will assist you with any questions you may have.

10 reasons why your organisation should support Jumps Racing & the clubs who host it.

  1. The Jumps Racing Industry, account for more than a quarter of Victoria and South Australian trainers and provide thousands of jobs across the two states.
  2. You are able to experience regional hospitality which enhances employment opportunities and the liveability of regional communities. Almost 63% of racing employees, volunteers and participants reside in regional Victoria. *1
  3. Racing brings more than $1.5billion annually to regional economies across the state, supporting local businesses. You are adding value to our economy. *2
  4. More than 1,450 charitable organisations are supported by the racing industry. These Charities receive millions per annum in funds, in addition to the in-kind support provided, your contribution assists with this cause. *3
  5. Racing has World Class equine welfare standards and practices. In late 2019, Racing Victoria announced a $25 million equine welfare plan dedicated to the welfare of Victorian thoroughbred and post-racing wellbeing.95% of our jumps trainers say that it is an easy transition to re-home a jumps horse because of the horse's life experience. Jumps Racing provides a source for some of the most educated and sought after horses post retirement from the track.
  6. 80% of jumps trainers have grown up around horses. This leads to exceptional horsemanship, these skills can be passed down to the next generation, allowing horses to continue being an integral part of the lifestyle of farmers, equestrians, owners, riding for disabled & paths of equine therapy.
  7. Horse Racing is in the top 10 of most watched sports in the country. Your business will be showcased to thousands of viewers with both national and international audiences.
  8. Your sponsorship allows the jumps racing industry to improve its social licence. Both in equine & participant welfare. Ensuring that as a sponsor your expectations of the sport of jumps racing are met by initiatives which continue to improve industry standards. In turn your enjoyment for the sport will increase.
  9. By aligning your business with jumps racing. You are contributing to the opportunity for a thoroughbred to continue racing up until the age of 12 years before retiring. This alone is a vast improvement on longevity, counting to half of the average lifespan of the horse.
  10. Continued support from your organisation allows the jumps racing industry to continue to fund operations & equine welfare initiatives, careers in racing, mental health initiatives with ground staff and trainers and enjoyable events and race days for you, your clients and your families.

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