We understand at the moment it is an overwhelming time for many, racing as it stands is still operating however, please use every opportunity to evaluate your current business situation and what assistance the government are offering small businesses.

In this difficult time we have compiled key documents and information to help you.

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Behind The Barriers

Behind The Barriers Ltd is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Foundation providing FREE, IMMEDIATE and CONFIDENTIAL support to Racing industry Participants and immediate family members suffering Mental Health Issues due to the demands of the Industry.
It offers a 24/7 telephone support service directly to a senior psychologist with immediate referral to a clinical psychologist where required. This service is entirely FREE and includes your first 3 sessions with a clinical psychologist.

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Racing Victoria's industry assistance program StableLine, is a mental health and wellbeing support program for licensed, registered participants and their immediate family. The FREE, independent psychological support service provides face-to-face or telephone appointments.
All information shared with psychologists as part of the StableLine program is 100% PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL.