We love to jump and the Australian Jumps Racing Association are continuing to strive to improve our affiliations to support and promote ex-racehorses becoming performance horses. Through our community, our connections between the racing and the equestrian are diverse meaning that we can offer valuable advise or refer you to a suitable partner of the AJRA.

    1. Retired thoroughbred racehorses are perfect for pleasure and performance horses, they also appreciate the easier life after a life of racing so enjoy being loved.
    2. The thoroughbred breed are tough, have stamina and have great agility.
    3. Highly intelligent and a lot of heart.
    4. They are pretty sophisticated with large crowds, farriers, vets, physio's and travelling they have a lot of heart, they are athletic and willing and are just plain beautiful.
    5. If you have the correct team around you (instructors, equine physios, vets, chiropractors, saddler fitters) then to be all around great horses - becoming great jumpers, eventers, show horses and dressage horses.
    6. Most thoroughbred OTT to be quite social. They are also willing to try really hard.
    7. Contrary to popular belief, many off the track thoroughbreds are quite level-headed when given the correct training and attention.
    8. It helps that racehorses are handled extensively when they are young. They are broken in young and exposed to more social environments than your average horse. Travelling a lot they tend to be good shippers and adapt to new environments.
    9. Thoroughbred's also live their entire racing lives being handled by professionals, so they tend to know how to behave on the ground.
    10. Thoroughbreds who jump make fantastic showjumpers and eventers.
    Pete-Mc Mahon-and-Gotta-Take-Care S3827037
    Gotta Take Care and Pete McMahon
    As seen on Channel 7's Jump Off
    Photo credit: Equestrian Victoria

    As part of our mission to assist and support Racing Victoria's equine welfare's strategic plan, we are on the task of collecting data about jumps racing horses and their lives after racing.

    If you have a horse who used to be a registered jumps racing horse, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to fill out this form and submit to [email protected] so we are able to register your horse as part of our 2019 project of collecting information about the whereabouts of our ex jumpers.

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