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Theault Arrives In Australia - Partners of the Australian Jumps Racing Association


Theault horseboxes - The French know-how now available in Australia!

Our history (founded almost 100 years ago), company, production process and know-how

2- Patented Switch system new Proteo Switch model soon available in Australia (with which you’ll be able to adapt the configuration to adapt any horses’ morphology and/or preferences, offer them more comfort during transport and ultimately perform better once they arrive on site). The innovation was launched in Europe at the end of last year and was really well received

These trucks are fully insulated, plenty of openings (specially added for the Australian market) for an effective airflow, easy to use. They are light, modular (sliding partition) and easy to handle. On the driving side it is a compact vehicle (just a standard driving licence needed), drives like a car, plenty of storage in the luton, rear bench convertible into bunk.

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